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The 7k Report – Author Earnings

What authors are really earning self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, and what’s right for you. Hint: Self-publishing’s earning more for everyone. Really interesting results!

7 months ago
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An Open Letter to Journalists and Brands About Blogger Compensation | IFB

If you’re doing the work, you deserve to be paid. Tips for bloggers working with brands.

8 months ago - 3
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Haters and Critics: How to Deal with People Judging You and Your Work - James Clear

How to focus on the positive and respond to the negativity.

8 months ago
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On Professional Editing and Why I Charge My Friends For Advice

So I only work with highly successful highly motivated writers and I expect great things from them. You can’t hire me if you are only dabbling or if you want someone to tell you how great you are. You can only hire me if you are willing to succeed. And you can only hire me if you are going to be so successful that you make back my ridiculously high hourly fees and then some.

8 months ago
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Blogging Basics: How to Revive Old Blog Posts

Check your analytics & follow a few simple steps to boost your archive views.

10 months ago
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Facebook Promotion Guidelines Update: What You Need To Know

It’s less restrictive now if you want to host or promote a giveaway on Facebook.

10 months ago
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The Other Side of the Story: How Do You Feel About Re-Posting Old Blog Posts?

Rules on reruns

11 months ago - 1
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‘Could You Personalize That?’

On the pressures of book signings. This made me laugh!

11 months ago
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Authentic Parenting: A Closer Look at the Phenomenon of Mom Bloggers

Instead of scoffing at women who blog (and also have kids), see this trend as a way for women to finally have a voice and a goal (even if the goal is somewhat unclear at times). See it as these women saying: hey, you might not have a place for me, but I’ll make a place for myself.

11 months ago - 1
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Julianna Baggott | Jennifer Givhan, Poet & Novelist

Conversations with Successful Contemporary Women Writers… who are also Moms.

11 months ago
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